Saturday, June 17, 2017

Baby Quilt #7

I enjoyed making the baby quilts this last winter and told the girls I'd make more as gifts for their friends as needed. The Chick was the first to take me up on the task. This quilt is for a baby boy whose room will be decorated in a nature theme. The owls are a great touch!
I was worried about the owl's background color and later I found out The Chick had been too. No worries, it's perfect and I just love how this quilt turned out.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Polly meets the family

The California Dreamin' Family and The Chick came to visit this week. We've been hangin' at the house relaxing. The Chick brought Zoey for the visit too. She was surprised by the new kitten but they hit it off immediately and it was as though Polly had found her mom once again.
Polly played "no holds barred" while Zoey used her newly found adult restraint.
They would chase each other around the house in the morning but Polly would find a lap to nap in all afternoon. 
Where was Denali during all this fun? Under the bed, she will soon start her third week there!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Safer Than a Nail File Socks

It was while knitting these socks on the train from Guilin to Gangzhou I acquired the World Title of Fastest Knitter In The World clocking in at 150 mile per hour!
The socks will also be remembered for their part in being pulled over by security. We had been through security time and time again during our trip through China. So imagine my surprise on  the last leg of the journey, Hong Kong to Tokyo, being pulled aside and asked to remove a sharp object from my purse - no, not my knitting needles but a nail file.

 “Madam, you see the file has a sharp end.” the security officer said as she moved her finger over the point. I agreed and quickly gathered my things and moved on.
I must admit I felt just a bit smug as I knit my way to Japan.
Pattern: Vanilla Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heels
Yarn: Regia Arnie and Carlos
Colorway: Tinn
Needles: US Size 1

Three pairs of socks knit in China, not a bad knitting adventure!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Yangtze River Socks

While on our trip we spent four days cruising up the Yangtze River giving me time to sit on our private balcony, knit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
 Pattern: Vanilla socks with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Yarn: Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect
Colorway: 0719
Needle Size US Size 1

Monday, June 5, 2017

Heavenly Socks

It might have been a hot day and humid day in Beijing but a Knitter’s gotta knit! Enjoying the sites at Temple of Heaven.
 I made sure the socks were in progress, on the needles and the cuff done when going through security. There was no problem getting them through the airport. However, I was worried enough something could happen I put a spare pair of needles in my checked luggage, can't imagine not knitting a stitch for 3 weeks!

Pattern: Vanilla Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heels
Yarn: Regia4-Fadig Jacquard Color 4-ply
Colorway:Black, Purple, Blue, and Oatmeal
Amount: 1 Skein
Needle Size: US Size 1

I had decided to knit vanilla socks during our trip. I knew they would keep my hands busy without drawing my attention away from the sites.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Introducing Polly Pickett!

I have been wanting a orange kitten for a long time but in our household two cats make up the pet family and happily our cats are very long lived. Eighteen years is a long and great life for a cat! Three years ago Hubby REALLY wanted a Bengal and we now have Denali and do love her so much!  This moved me into first in line for the choice of a kitten this winter when Grace moved  Florida. We decided not to even look for a kitten until we got back from our trip. For some reason I thought a orange kitten would magicly appear and I would be greeted at the airport with a kitten. Instead I had to wait for almost three weeks for one to appear!

Meet Polly (Hayward) Pickett...

 I've been saving her name for many years. When working on the family genealogy I discovered my third great grandmother's name was Polly Hayward and she married Gilead Pickett making her Polly Pickett. I instantly loved the name and thought it would be a great cat's name...I'm pretty sure the human Polly Pickett thinks it's fine and loved cats herself!

Polly's estimated birth date is March 25, 2017. She was found in a boat with her brother. The Vet Tech found them on May 17th. She thought the Momma kitty was moving them around from one place to another - probably for safety. The Vet Tech watched but Momma didn't return and so she took over the kitten rearing. They were turned into the Animal Shelter on Friday night, I checked the web site and found her the next day. I was there within the hour!

Polly is tiny, not even two lbs. Usually the shelter doesn't release their kittens until they are spayed or neutered and they need to weigh 2lbs. I must have looked like a responsible Cat Momma because they let me take her home immediately and we'll do the deed later. She is DARLING.

We like to have our cats sleep on our bed with us at night. It just makes Hubby and I feel more peaceful. Last night I put her on my pillow as I got ready to go to bed, hoping she might settle down somewhere on the bed. The lights went out and within two minutes Polly settled into the crook of my arms and didn't move all night, BLISS!!

Yes, I am a crazy cat woman. And yes, future  great-great-great grand children can name their kitten after me!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Maiden Voyage for the New Trailer

 Hubby had been planning this camping/gold panning trip all winter, who was I to say no? I knew I could nap and blow my nose in the trailer as well as at home….

So I made and froze several meals ahead for the trip:
1 ) Stuffed Green Peppers
2) Easy Chicken Pasta Bake
3) Taco meat for tacos
4) Lentil Soup
5) Cookies, and bran muffins

We loaded up the new trailer for her maiden voyage and down the road we went.  It was a quiet weekend, Hubby would leave early and get back around six. Denali and I spent time knitting, reading, playing solitaire, and yowling. (You decide who is doing what!)
I like the new digs - it’s nice to have a Murphy bed (it just disappears and the trailer becomes a living area but then Denali has no safe zone and that’s been a trial.) We have a bathroom and that’s great…’s one reason not to be a pioneering woman.

Friday, May 26, 2017


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been looking forward to Stash Dash since January! I love the camaraderie the planning, the scheming, and looking at all the completed projects. But this year, I must admit, there was no early planning…no almost finished projects, no Down the Rabbithole Blanket, in fact until last week there was no plan at all!

I’ve been out and about traveling and so it wasn’t until our return I caught up with The KnitGirllls. It was during one of those catch up podcasts I began to form my plan. LaLa reminded viewers the original spirit of the Dash is to finish the projects which have been languishing, or get the oldest skeins (can I say ugliest? or at least the skeins you have no idea what possessed you to buy them) and use them up.

Plan of Attack Number ONE:
“What to do, What to do…“ with that big pile of Tag Ends Of Sock Yarn. It seems as though this is my constant dilemma. Even though I finished the Down The Rabbithole Blanket last year during Stash Dash and have been knitting Berkeley Sock like a champ, I still have plenty of Tag Ends Of Sock Yarn.  So, I decided to take a  tip  from another podcaster, Gigi Knitmore and I’m going to use ALL my Tag Ends Of Sock Yarn and knit them into preemie hats.
Plan of Attack Number TWO:
I am also in search of a orange, female, shorthaired, kitten (not easy to find when you are so specific). I stopped at the vet’s earlier in the week to see if they could provide me with some leads. You might be wondering where this fits into Stash Dash - I’m getting to it… While there I also asked about making pet blankets for in the cages. They were surprised and delighted. (Thank you, Podcaster Sadie Ruin for the idea) So I will also be crocheting pet blankets to get rid of the Red Heart acrylic gifted me over the years.
Plan of Attack Number THREE:
Lastly, the last sweater I for myself is potentially beautiful but has two flaws, the buttons and length. I didn’t even post this sweater as a finished object because I knew it needed some altering but I didn’t have the gumption to do it - until now. So I’m going to tink back and reknit the bottom ribbing shortening it the necessary amount, and get rid of the expensive but klinky buttons. Then this finished sweater will be ready to wear in the fall!
I usually declare the length of the dash I’m going to compete in on the first day, however, this year I’m going to “Knit, knit like the wind,”  wait to the end, and see where I’m at, then post like a mad woman!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How Is This "Making America Great Again???"

Today, May 25th, was yet another election day for Montana.  Earlier this year trump selected Montana Rep. Zinke Secretary of the Interior creating an open seat and making a special election necessary. The candidates were questionable from the start, a reported billionaire with a recent failed run for governor and a Montana good old boy, country singer. Neither candidate has any political experience but then that seems to be the trend.

The Democrats appeared slow to realize a win would gain a seat in a Republican dominated arena but our Republican billionaire  “wanna be” quickly poured over a million dollars of his pocket change into the race. 

The race went on sadly, with “He said, He did, He didn’t” political ads being continually run on media. With no political records to grasp at, commercials were about health issues, unpaid bills, lawsuits, and how long it takes to become a “true” Montanan. Must you be born in Montana or is 20 years enough to claim Montana citizenship?

By their current standard, I’m not sure if I would be categorized as a Montanan, I thought I was but I didn’t move here until I was twelve - so even though I’ve spent approximately 80% of my life in the state I may not be worthy of the title “Montanan”. The family moved to Butte from out of state and it didn’t take me long to realize I liked the values in Montana. You were as good as your word, your behavior, and you were a friend until you proved you weren’t. It would have been nice if all Montanans, new or life long, had used these Butte values  as a way to make an informed decision in this election.

It was a horrible race from start to finish but Wednesday, the day before the election, hit a new low when a reporter asking a valid question of our billionaire candidate ended up with hands around his neck and being thrown to the ground assaulted by the billionaire candidate.

Stupidity prevailed and the billionaire was elected. His acceptance speech again and again included the statement, “Together we can make America great again.” I can’t understand this statement coming out of his mouth or trump’s, How is lying, cheating, discrimination, and assault, in any way making our nation great??

As a Grandmother and former teacher I find it impossible to hold these men up as fine upstanding citizens - let alone the role models we’ve expected them to be for our children. Daily I cringe when watching the news and reading the newspaper. The children of America are forming the values they will be living by as adults as they watch the same daily news. When they see such behavior day after day from people they trust to be knowledgable and trustworthy it is making an impact on them no matter how hard a teacher, grandparent, or parent tries to instill positive and moral values.

donald trump and Greg Gianforte YOU ARE NOT MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! In fact, you may well be causing the disintegration of the great American values we have held dear for over 200 years and YOU should be ashamed. To coin a phrase, “Sad, so sad.”

Republicans wake up - you made a big mistake! Democrats get going - this is your chance to start making changes in your party and in Washington!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trip to China 2017

Hubby and I have arrived home from a twenty day tour of China. It was everything we had hoped it would be. The flight was long but fun to track on the overhead screen.

I sat next to a very nice young Chinese man and we enjoyed talking to each other during the flight. This was our first glimpse of China from the plane - one of the few unpopulated areas we saw and I could see the smile spread on his as he looked out the window. "Home Sweet Home" has meaning to us all.

Darling little children on a fieldtrip at the Beijing airport. They were dressed in yellow tops and khaki pants. As you can see from the photo NOT their first photo op!

I can’t wait to share all the great times and sites but jet lag and a cold have gotten to me.

Hubby was never without his camera and the photos should be beautiful, soon!