Saturday, September 26, 2009

Benefits to being an early riser....

Hubby and I were up early, ready to get the day started:
1. Get house clean.
2. Do some fall yardwork.
3. Watch the GRIZ game.
4. Discover the albino turkey!!

I jumped in the car with my jammies on, hubby went cross country and we met at the bottom of the hill with these photos! A very fun start to the day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Butte Pasties

When I went to Butte High School, I would walk by Gamer's Bakery everyday on the way home. It was the closest thing that Butte will ever have to a tearoom. Carl owned and ran Gamer's. He wore a bow tie and greeted everyone that came into the bakery as if they were a long lost friend. Carl made me feel like I was his most wanted and important customer - even as a teen. Hubby reminded me that Carl didn't use a cash register. He would take the money from you when the bill was paid and pull out a wad of cash from his pocket if you needed change.

I was introduce to pasties at Gamer's. They are the BEST pasties on the face of the Earth! I thought that Gamer's had closed when Carl died but was delighted to find out they are still operating and at the same location, 15 W. Park. We stopped by recently and the pasties are every bit as good as I remembered from my childhood. If you are in Butte DON'T leave town without trying this copper miner's lunch!I'd like to say that Carl personally gave me the pasty recipe I have and perhaps it's true - because years ago, on the back of the menu was Carl's pasty recipe. I copied it down and have used it for years. The family LOVES pasties! Don't you think I should share?

Butte Pasties
- serves 6

1 lb sirloin tip
3 potatoes
3 green onions
salt and pepper

4 cups flour
1 cup lard
1 oz butter
2 teaspoons salt
pinch of baking powder

Cut shortenings into flour and add enough cold water to make stiff dough. Divide into 6 balls and roll out to 1/8 inch thick, about the size of a saucer. Put in filing - moisten around the edges and press 1/2s together.

Brush with mixture of 1 egg and 1 tablespoon, beaten.

Make steam holes. Bake 375 degrees, 1 hour.

Serve with brown gravy.


A few of my teen years were spent in unique Butte Montana. For me these were wonderful years. The people there are unlike any other people I have ever met, they are your true and loyal friends unless you do them wrong; and if you do, you will never earn their trust again. They will gladly give you anything you need - even if they will have to do without.

When we moved there we were only suppose to be there for two years, my father rented a little house on the west side of Butte. At the time there were other parts of Butte that were in worse condition but the soon got eaten up by The Pit. I loved this area because although we lived in a small house we were surrounded by mansions......
Our house was in between the Schilling's house and an old rest home that later housed a family of twelve children. (The single mother had hopes of making it into a boardinghouse) The Schillings were an elderly, childless couple that took us under their wings. Helen bought me my first cashmere sweater and clothed Scott for the first two years of his life. She would pick up Scott after his nap and take him to her house next door - once he came back with a Hummel figurine from her extensive collection that he had clutched in his hand. He had taken a shine to it and she had given it to him.

We also had one unforgettable Thanksgiving dinner at their house at which time we ate a nearly raw turkey! Helen wasn't much of a cook but she loved to bake for "Skitter", her husband Ray. She made elegant deserts, ones that this family hadn't ever seen, cheesecake, coconut cake, eclairs, cream pies, but then she was afraid that "Skitter" would get fat and so she wouldn't let him eat but a slice or two. When the calorie laden desert was on the edge of going stale it would appear on our table and be gone that evening!

Listed on the National Register of Historical Places

412 W. Broadway

In 1890 a wooden shotgun house stood at 412 W. Broadway, while a substantial brick residence stood to the east. When wholesale produce merchant H. E. Morier and his wife Teresa, decided to build this two-story house in 1907, they discovered that the neighboring brick residence encroached on their lot by five feet. The Moriers successfully sued the home’s owner O.B. Barber, who responded by slicing his house in two at the property line, perhaps hoping that the dramatic gesture would convince the Moriers to buy him out. With the missing west wall covered by canvas, renters continued to reside in the remaining part of the Barber house while the Moriers began construction of their traditional Colonial Revival home. A one-story projecting bay, a second-story Pallidian window accented with pilasters, and terra-cotta egg-and-dart-trim along the parapet of the flat roof distinguish the resulting residence. The Moriers did ultimately purchase Barber’s property which they transformed into a garden.

The Colonel house across the street. The Colonel died in 2008.
The Maloney's house across the street. Lori was my best friend in Butte.Her father, Babe, owned and ran the Cheerio lounge on Park Street in downtown Butte. Lori and I often took dinner down to dad in the late summer afternoons. As adults after both their parents died, the siblings bought the land next door to their house and built a house for all of them - they called it the Maloney Orphanage! (Yes, my brothers... it is the same land that the burned mansion was on and the place where you got busted for trespassing, not by the police but by worse - our MOM)

The tri-plex belonged to Montana Keith. Montana was a rather ecentric lady that I can only do justice to by dedicating an entire entry to later. Also note "The Castle" in the background. This is a private men's club and was at the time we lived in Butte as well.

Sam I am

Sammy is our latest little fellow to start school. He began kindergarten this fall already reading. His Momma reports that he is reading a chapter of "Magic Tree House" each night before he goes to bed. Yea Sammy!!

When Sam's Daddy was little one of his favorite books was Sam I am and soon our father began calling him Sam. Sometimes Scott would even tell strangers that Sam was his first name. So it was with fond memories that our Sammie got his name.

Oh how I love this little guy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Griz season!

Even a fire couldn't keep Hubby and I from going to the opening Griz game in Missoula. We got up early Saturday morning and drove through the fire and across the state. We entered the stadium just in time to see the Grizzlies kick off the football season.There were the usual pregame opening activities. The Silvertip skydivers,
and Monte entering the stadium.Monte encouraging the crowd.Touchdowns were made,and at halftime Hubby and I headed to the bookstore. We met brother Steve and the Waltons heading to a tailgate party.We had a great time in Washington Griz Staduim!

Thursday, September 3, 2009