Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My favorite "hand me down"

While we were away, Chloe A-Little-Bit asked me about our family history. It was for a school project but it is the first interest any of the grandkiddos have shown in family history and so I aim to please! We had a great talk on the phone and I promised her some photos when I got home.

 "Do you have a favorite item that has been passed down through the family?"

YES!!! This cabinet has been called "The Antique" since it came into our house when Mom dissolved my Grandmother's house.
The cabinet was originally a walnut bedstead but Chloe's great great great great grandfather rebuilt it. Murray Cheney was born in Addison, Vermont. He met his future wife, Caroline Pickett, while both families were living in Addison. When Caroline's father, Gilead Pickett, died her family moved to New York.
Murray Cheney
Caroline Pickett Cheney
Murray went exploring "out west" and when he arrived in Illinois he knew he wanted to settle there. He returned to New York and married Caroline. They traveled back to Illinois, probably with the bedstead, and had their second son, Chloe's great great great grandfather Gilead Pickett Cheney in 1832. He was the first white baby born in Jerseyville, Jersey County, Illinois. Later the family became avid abolitionists and the family home was an underground railroad where the runaway slaves were hidden in the cellar. The town of Jerseyville has five streets called "The Abolitionist Streets" these streets are named for the leading abolitionists in the town - one of them is Cheney Street.
Gilead Pickett Cheney
Emily Caroline Picket Cheney
Gilead Pickett Cheney married Emily Caroline Plowman. They owned and managed a store as well as a farm. They had several children including Chloe's great great grandfather Jonathan Plowman Cheney. The Gilead Cheney family moved to Saint Louis, Missouri for a time. They also operated a store there. Later the family moved to Estes Park, Colorado, and owned and operated a stone quarry.
Johnathan Plowman Cheney
Sadie Jamison Cheney
Johnathan Plowman Cheney worked at the family stone quarry and married Sadie Jamison in Estes Park, Colorado. They had three children one of them was Chloe's great grandmother, Catherine Louise Cheney. Jonathan later worked for a railroad in Wyoming.
Catherine Louise and Gerald (Jerry)
Catherine Cheney married Gerald in Boulder, Colorado. They moved several times. San Diego California while Gerald was in the navy and later to Bremerton, Washington. They later moved to Manchester andSeattle, Washington; Butte, Missoula, Billings, Montana. Gerald worked for the Northern Pacific and later for the Burlington Railroad. Catherine and Gerald had four children including
Robert and Judy
Chloe's Grandmother Judith. Judith married Robert and the had three daughters including

 Chloe's mother Brianna. Brianna married Gabriel and the had two children including


Vacation 2012

We had a very nice vacation again this February. Mostly relaxing, knitting and soaking up the sun.
Our first view of the island from the airplane
Beautiful weather
Some of the biggest waves we've seen at Hapuna Beach!
Great boogie boarding

Our Hapuna shelter from the brisk tradewinds

"Winter Storm Watch" on the Big Island -snow on the volcano!
We did some animal watching...
When we arrived at Turtle Beach I spotted this bird in the water doing a little fishing. I just wish I'd gotten a photo, he was walking in the water with his head stretched out skimming the water. After I had settled in my beach chair, there he was...
Fish in beak,
Going down!
Sliding down the hatch!
Great meal!
 We went to Spencer Beach and spotted several turtles

At the Macadamia Nut Factory there were several dozen wild goats hanging around - guess they know a good meal when they taste one!

 There were many beautiful sunsets during our stay but here is the sun setting on our 2012 vacation...
The flight home was a little rocky! We were on the runway at Kona for over two hours before taking off. This threw everything off  so instead of getting home Sunday morning we arrived at the front door of our home Monday afternoon!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A memory tucked into a corner

Steve, Bobby Beal and Dad
The stool in the bottom left hand corner of this photo has been around as long as I can remember. Dad made it in shop class when he was a kid. Perhaps he was 12 years old when he made it. This is a close replica of the conversation I had with Mom about its age:

"Where did we get the stool?"
"Your Dad made it."
"In shop class."
"Wow, how old was he?"
"Oh, I don't know. About twelve I s'pose."

So it's forever been stuck in my brain that Dad was twelve when he made it.  Whether he made when he was twelve or seventeen, it is one of the few things that I have from his youth.
Jerry, (Dad) 15 years old
Once while visiting Mom and Dad after I was married, I spotted the stool with a new look. Dad had put a flat top on it and Mom had stenciled the top and sides. I wasn't at all sure I liked it, but now, it's nice to have a little of Mom's craftiness. It's also a nice place to place little items.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finding "True Love"

Years ago, when letters were sent containing declarations of love and adoration, the notes were read and reread many times. The recipient often read such declarations to their best friends and then carefully placed them inside a big empty Valentine's candy box, to be pulled out and savored for many years. 
Dearest Darling,
When you are away I feel as though I'm missing my very soul. Every time you walk into a room you brighten it with your beauty. Promise me you will never leave again for I would surely die without you.....

Now, notes are texted.  Love is declared and immediately fades into cyberspace. 

luv u 4eva          Love you forever.
 <3                     Heart
BFN                  Bye for now
me                     Current Squeeze

It's impossible to pull out a text after an argument and remember your fella is really quite the catch.

In the current knitting world things have changed as well. Knitters are advising the young gals to not fall into the trap of knitting sweaters for their boyfriends. Many call it the "curse of the love sweater" and feel this gift will immediately cause the break up of the couple.

In the 60's knitting a gift for your sweetheart was the true test of a young man's love. If he graciously accepted and wore the knit or crocheted item, he was a "keeper." If not, then who would want him around for another 50 years??
I tried my theory out and here is Hubby in his "Love sweater." Not quite 50 years but he's still around!
Me, Hubby, Scott and Dad
Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Piper's Journey

Today, I received a note from Paula,  podcaster of Knitting Pipeline, her scarf was published today! She announced we could show our test knit - Piper's Journey. The pattern was very clear and easy to understand. Paula's pattern provides either written or a chart for the lace edging. I enjoyed knitting this shawl and look forward to wearing it in the near future.

Pattern: Piper's Journey
Yarn: Wolf Creek Wools of Montana
Colorway: Teal and Buttery Yellow
Needle size: US 6
Amount: less than 574 yards

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vintage is in Vogue

Friday a friend brought me a bag full of her mother-in-law's old knitting pattern books and pamphlets. There were some worth a chuckle but when my eyes lit upon this sweater I knew I needed to knit it before Sadie Lou Who got much bigger!
A trip to the yarn shop was warranted and I found some wool/acrylic blend. I didn't forget what The Tiger had told me, "Sadie Lou doesn't like itchy sweaters - but I don't care." It's a beautiful shade of blue, one that I think just shouts out that gray skies are going to clear up, and we need to put on a happy face!
Jiffy Petal Cardigan

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The 100,000 Dollar Package

I don't think the Purl Gurl will mind if I cut and paste her post, it warmed my heart! 

Today a package arrived at our door.  A very special package indeed!  Isaac was so excited that it came addressed to him.  

He sat down to open it up, quite anxious to see what it contained.  When he finally got the tape undone enough to see what was inside, he quickly grabbed out two bags containing an item very near and dear to his heart...
A gigantic smile erupted on his face and the two bags of rolls were held in a loving embrace. 
He immediately said "All Mine!!" and one was popped right into his mouth! 
As I went into the kitchen to get dinner going, I overheard him tell his sister, "The rolls are all mine and if anyone eats one they owe me 100,000 dollars."