Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It's spring in Yellowstone Park

Last week Hubby set out to do some gold panning but the water was to high and swift so he took a little detour to the park where he spotted these two lovelies.
Mothers keep their young 1-2 years and hubby thinks this was a yearling. They were about 70 yards away with a Park Ranger right there. He did tell the onlookers if the grizzlies came any closer the humans would have to leave. (Thank you officer!) Hubby also saw many elk. The cows were starting to calve, most babies still had the umbilical cords attached. With a little googling we found out they fall off in two or three days so these were little guys.

This week Hubby wanted to return to the park taking a different route and so we drove to Cody and went in the East entrance. I couldn't believe the traffic pre-Memorial Day! Our well kept secret of visiting Pre-Memorial Day and Post-Labor Day is not such a well kept secret anymore. There is no quiet time at Yellowstone other than mid winter when there are feet of snow covering the roads.
It doesn't take long for these little guys to understand they are "King of the road" and walk right in front of a car while trying to find their mother. Other than a coyote our only wild creature sightings were elk, everywhere and many, many calves.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I've finished two more pair of socks in the last week, happily adding to the Christmas stash....
Pattern: Fidget Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heels
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids
Colorway: Pine and Red
Needle Size: US Size 2
Pattern: Chimneys with Fish Lips Kiss Heels
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids
Colorway: Pine and Red
Needle Size: US Size 2

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A tasty bit of Italy

The last evening I was in California we made some authentic Italian ravioli. Bri and Gabriel had spent an enjoyable evening in Rome learning to make ravioli and fettuccine and thought they'd bring a bit of Rome home with them.

After ten minutes of kneading and resting the dough, it was ready to be rolled out, not once or twice but three times.
 A tablespoon of filling made of spinach and ricotta cheese was then placed two fingers apart down the the long strip of dough. A thin line of egg wash was painted between each dollop.
The dough was then folded over onto the the filling and the air was carefully worked out of each ravioli. The squares were sealed and a special cutter was used.  There was a special sauce made of butter, sage, wine, Parmesan cheese with a bit of the pasta water.  When cooked, the ravioli was stirred into the buttery sauce.
We had a fun family evening with a great meal as a bonus!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The winter that just won't quit!

Hubby reported three new inches of snow yesterday to bring us to a new record...
But today, we have happy kitties!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Royal Arrival

I was left with few instructions for the week other than "If the royal baby comes, put the bunting up!"

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Cookie dough memories

This week Chloe was making some cookies and made the comment she liked cookie dough almost more than the cookies themselves.
As a young girl my paternal grandmother would make the rotation from sibling to sibling for a six month stay with each famiiy. She was usually treated as a guest but in the fifth - seventh grades Mom worked part time and Grandma would step in and help with the cooking. (My first experience with sauerkraut)  She would often make cookies in the afternoon and once in frustration said, "Maybe I shouldn't bother even cooking them. I think you kids would eat all the dough raw if I'd let you." My brother's and I looked at each other, our eyes lighting up and quickly agreed to the offer, hoping she was serious!

Chloe comes from a long line of cookie dough eaters!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Socks On a Plane

Knowing I was headed for Oakland last week, it was only natural to cast on a pair of Socks On A Plane. I finished them in sunny California and took a quick snapshot in the garden.
Pattern: Socks On A Plane by Laura Lindermann
Yarn: Cascade Heritage 150 Sock Yarn
Colorway: 5689 Regatta
Needle Size: US Size 1

I must be turning into one of those "crazy old ladies" on a plane who no one wants to sit by.  This is the second time I've spent time visiting with the person sitting next to me. I want to plead innocence, I had quickly pulled out my knitting and popped the earbuds in - the universal request to "leave me alone" but when a lady my age sat down next to me and saw my knitting she pulled hers out and we instantly fell into a lovely two hour visit. We talked about our knitting, love of the outdoors, and our travels. She was a retired teacher, had three kiddos and a husband who had grown up in the same part of town as hubby and graduated from the same University with the same major. When we parted I was sad and knew if we lived in the same town we would have become fast friends.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Oakland bridges falling down, my fair ladies!

I was happy to be able to attend the annual High School Bridge Competition at Oakland Tech.

"What’s the process? In teams of one or two, competitors submit a rough sketch of their proposed design. The materials are balsa wood and glue, with strict construction rules. At the competition, each bridge will be loaded until it fails, with the winner withstanding the highest weight."

Chloe and Lillian worked for most of a week preparing their bridge. Each day the bridge was tweaked just a bit more in the attempt of producing the perfect bridge.

Last night the competition was fierce:

Chloe and Lillian's bridge held 30.4 pounds, earning a Third Place standing in the competition!
Great job girls!