Monday, December 11, 2017

Just a bit to big for my britches

While visiting the family, California Dreamin' Son-in-law asked if there was a way to mend his socks, the balls of both were just about worn through. After a quick disclaimer I  picked up the stitches above the worn areas, cut the worn bits off, and even though they had been toe up socks, I knit down to the toes and Kitchnered the ends together. An easy fix on the socks and a happy son-in-law.
Later in the week I was folding clean laundry and saw more almost worn out socks.  This time the worn spots were on the heels of the socks but I thought it would be just an easy fix and I could repair the socks before the son-in-law came home from work. I started ripping the heel, and then ripped some more, and a little more...these socks were just to far gone - and I hadn't asked for permission to operate on them.
"No worries," I thought. "I have some more of the exact yarn at home and I'll just knit another pair and pop them in the mail."

When I got home I did indeed have a skein of the exact color but this particular brand requires two skeins for a pair of socks. Again, "No worries," I thought. "I'll just pop into one of the big box stores for another skein."
So I cast on and merrily began knitting the first sock. However, when I did go into town to purchase the yarn there wasn't a single skein of the color. "No worries," I thought."I'll go online and order the yarn from there." No one had the color online until I checked Amazon. Score! I ordered a skein and because we have Prime - no postage, GREAT.

The next day I was just finishing the first sock when I began to have second thoughts. - Had I really ordered the correct color? With some careful checking I wanted Brown Striped Ragg and sadly I had ordered Blue Brown Marl. "No worries," I thought I'll put out an SOS to the knitting ladies and ask if I can buy or trade for a skein of their Brown Striped."

The gals slowly texted back....."Worry," I thought... No one had a skein!

So when the different color arrived I knit it up and although it's different I'm hoping my son-in-law will forgive me and wear these "Conservative Berkley Socks." Next time I'll ask permission before applying scissors to a pair of his socks.
Pattern: Pin Striped Socks by Julia Swart, Fish Lips Kiss Heels
Yarn: Patons North American Kroy Socks Ragg
Colorway: Brown Striped Ragg, Blue Brown Marl
Needle Size: US Size 1

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