Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Visit to The California Dreamin' Family

I spent a few days with the California Family last weekend. Chloe-A-Little-bit invited me to her ballet class as a distinguished guest.  I'm proud of her efforts and commitment to ballet, she dances with such poise and grace!
The Pirate is becoming quiet talented and may soon join the circus. In any case it's good to have a talent to fallback on should the college education not pan out! JUST KIDDING PIRATE!

(Originally there was a fun video of The Pirate rolling and jumping on his exercise ball inserted here.)

As always, there was a lunch visit to Bake Sale Betty's and besides a great lunch Betty, with her hair so blue, wished me the happiest of Mothers' Days!

We also attended a cello recital and both the kiddos did an excellent job!
I've been wanting to see Coit Tower and the parrots on the hill for several visits and this weekend The California Dreamin' Gurl and I hopped on Bart and took the time to go. We had a great morning in the city, "doing the tourist thing" at tower but didn't spot even one parrot in the park on the hill - disappointing!
The views of the city from the top of the tower were breathtaking!
The Golden Gate Bridge,
 Alcatraz Island,
 Location of the 1939 San Francisco World's Fair,
a man made island,
 The Cityscape,
 Lombard Street,
 another view from street level,
 and Coit tower.