Saturday, April 25, 2015

All in the family

Last month when Hubby's cousin sent the photos her mother had stored, she included a school photo of Hubby. I was amazed at the similarity between Hubby and The Tiger.

When I showed The Tiger the photo of his grandpa asking who he thought it was, he answered "ME!!"
The Tiger - age 7
Hubby - age 8

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Slippers for cold California tootsies

How can you deny a granddaughter that texts:

"Do you know how to make slippers? My feet are getting cold in the morning and at night and I would be grateful if you would make me some."

I was quite surprised when The California Dreamin' Mom (AKA, The Sweater Killer) said they should be in wool, but wool they are:
Pattern: Simple Summer Socks
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Worsted
Colorway: Passion Heather
Needle Size: US Size 5

They are warm comfy even with the mesh tops. I'm seriously debating making myself a summer pair of slippers.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sock Blank Results #3

(Although the family drew lots on Easter to see whose socks would be knit first in the end I skipped #2, The Tiger's sock blank. I am worried the feet will be an unfortunately feminine color for the boy. With some discussion with his Mom and Dad they reassured me it is the dyeing of the yarn not the colors The Tiger is interested in. So these socks will be next.)

I jumped into the saddle, knitting SadieLouWho's sock blank and really like the springy like the results!
Pattern: Toe the Line Socks by Amanda Bourke
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Stroll Single Strand Sock Blank
Colorway: Not So Secret Horse Lover
Needle Size: US Size 1

Monday, April 13, 2015

Socks Blank Results #1

After the kiddos finished their Easter egg dyeing we started in on the sock yarn dyeing! I was surprised how much everyone enjoyed it.They understand the socks will be fraternal and they don’t mind a bit.
Sarah painted five sunflowers with blue sky in the background on her sock blank. Socks are done! The Flying North Pattern was perfect for this busy yarn! As these socks were progressing I sent photos to the
artist/dyer and she loves them.
 We couldn't wait to wind the yarn up into cakes.
I knit one sock from the outside of the cake toward the inside and then I started the second sock from the inside out. I did this because of the different shades in the yarn, ending in a fairly close match!
Pattern: Flying North by Maria Montzka, Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Stroll Strand Sock Blank
Colorway: Sunflowers
Needle Size: US Size 1

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blackberry Cobbler Socks done!

Last month I dyed some yarn using ice cubes. What started out as a disaster was over dyed into some pretty nice yarn. Not wanting to knit a vanilla sock and having used the usual male patterns I went on the hunt for a new one to try and Syncopation Socks fit the bill. I like the look of the unworn sock but when worn the pattern stretches out a bit and loses the unusual texture.
Pattern: Syncopation by Mary Henninger
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare
Colorway: Blackberry Cobbler
Needle Size: US Size 1

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

The Chick That Flew The Coop and NorDakFamily arrived last Tuesday and soon the Easter Festivities began.

I had discovered a new game for the kiddos called Tenzie.  The rules and supplies are simple:
Each player needs ten dice in an individual color. Everyone rolls the first roll at the same time, decides what number they are going to collect, and after the first roll there are no turns - just roll the dice to collect all of the number decided upon. When the player has collected  all ten of the same number he calls out "Tenzi!".  The kiddos liked playing, there was no pouting from anyone because as soon as one game was played (it took about two minutes) another started! Fun!!

I also had some spring sun catchers for them to paint they loved doing them after running around outside and visiting the neighbor's horses.

We had Easter early as the NorDakFamilly had to head home Easter morning so egg dying happened on Thursday:
This year we used Koolaid to dye the eggs, 2/3 cup water and 1 package of Koolaid. They turned out very nice - but forget purple it turns out a murky color. Our plans were to start eating the eggs by having deviled eggs at dinner but that idea faded as we used up the dye by painting sock blanks...

I had soaked sock blanks in water with a bit of vinegar (the Koolaid is said to have enough acid to hold the dye but I didn't want to take any chances). First the kiddos began dying:
The blanks started out with "secret codes" written in them but soon just ended up with COLOR.
(The Tiger's is on the left and SadieLouWho's is on the right)

While the kiddos blanks were steaming in the microwave, The PurlGurl started painting hers. She knew before starting just what was going on her blank:
Gaining enthusiasm for this project The Chick jumped into the paint pots, where the accountant's need for order came into play:
The Boy likes his socks and as he watched others dyeing their own yarn, the glimmer in his eyes became a glow and soon he was painting his next pair of socks:
Although the sock blanks can be knit straight from the blank this family wanted to see what their creations looked like wound into cakes:
I'm excited to show you the socks as they are knit up!

It was a Hoppy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

There was a little girl...

Growing up I often heard Mom recite this poem when I became a bit of a challenge:

"There was a little girl,
            Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
            When she was good,
            She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid."
Mom holding me about at about 2 years old
Mom said it was a Mother Goose rhyme but recently after seeing a darling little girl with curly hair I did some research and found out that in fact it's a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem.

The rest of the poem goes like this:

   One day she went upstairs,
When her parents, unawares,
In the kitchen were occupied with meals,
And she stood upon her head
In her little trundle-bed,
And then began hooraying with her heels.
Her mother heard the noise,
And she thought it was the boys
A-playing at a combat in the attic;
But when she climbed the stair,
And found Jemima there,
She took and she did spank her most emphatic.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Tilly Trout socks

I love this colorway and I seem to be able to duplicate it fairly well! This time I used Wilton's food coloring. English podcaster, Tilly Trout, recommended the pattern which looks very nice in this colorway!  When I'm a bit worried if I have enough yarn I like to do the toes, heels, and ribbed tops in a contrasting color.
Pattern: Slip Stitch Lines by La Maison de Saba, Fishlips Kiss Heel
Yarn: Cascade Sock Yarns Heritage, Knit Picks Bare Stroll Fingering Sock Yarn
Colorway: Turquoise and Poolside Bitch
Needle Size: US Size 1