Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vacation 2012

We had a very nice vacation again this February. Mostly relaxing, knitting and soaking up the sun.
Our first view of the island from the airplane
Beautiful weather
Some of the biggest waves we've seen at Hapuna Beach!
Great boogie boarding

Our Hapuna shelter from the brisk tradewinds

"Winter Storm Watch" on the Big Island -snow on the volcano!
We did some animal watching...
When we arrived at Turtle Beach I spotted this bird in the water doing a little fishing. I just wish I'd gotten a photo, he was walking in the water with his head stretched out skimming the water. After I had settled in my beach chair, there he was...
Fish in beak,
Going down!
Sliding down the hatch!
Great meal!
 We went to Spencer Beach and spotted several turtles

At the Macadamia Nut Factory there were several dozen wild goats hanging around - guess they know a good meal when they taste one!

 There were many beautiful sunsets during our stay but here is the sun setting on our 2012 vacation...
The flight home was a little rocky! We were on the runway at Kona for over two hours before taking off. This threw everything off  so instead of getting home Sunday morning we arrived at the front door of our home Monday afternoon!