Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finding "True Love"

Years ago, when letters were sent containing declarations of love and adoration, the notes were read and reread many times. The recipient often read such declarations to their best friends and then carefully placed them inside a big empty Valentine's candy box, to be pulled out and savored for many years. 
Dearest Darling,
When you are away I feel as though I'm missing my very soul. Every time you walk into a room you brighten it with your beauty. Promise me you will never leave again for I would surely die without you.....

Now, notes are texted.  Love is declared and immediately fades into cyberspace. 

luv u 4eva          Love you forever.
 <3                     Heart
BFN                  Bye for now
me                     Current Squeeze

It's impossible to pull out a text after an argument and remember your fella is really quite the catch.

In the current knitting world things have changed as well. Knitters are advising the young gals to not fall into the trap of knitting sweaters for their boyfriends. Many call it the "curse of the love sweater" and feel this gift will immediately cause the break up of the couple.

In the 60's knitting a gift for your sweetheart was the true test of a young man's love. If he graciously accepted and wore the knit or crocheted item, he was a "keeper." If not, then who would want him around for another 50 years??
I tried my theory out and here is Hubby in his "Love sweater." Not quite 50 years but he's still around!
Me, Hubby, Scott and Dad
Happy Valentine's Day!