Thursday, February 2, 2012

The 100,000 Dollar Package

I don't think the Purl Gurl will mind if I cut and paste her post, it warmed my heart! 

Today a package arrived at our door.  A very special package indeed!  Isaac was so excited that it came addressed to him.  

He sat down to open it up, quite anxious to see what it contained.  When he finally got the tape undone enough to see what was inside, he quickly grabbed out two bags containing an item very near and dear to his heart...
A gigantic smile erupted on his face and the two bags of rolls were held in a loving embrace. 
He immediately said "All Mine!!" and one was popped right into his mouth! 
As I went into the kitchen to get dinner going, I overheard him tell his sister, "The rolls are all mine and if anyone eats one they owe me 100,000 dollars." 

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