Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Knitting Review

Socks: 26 pairs
Clogs: 5 pairs
Mittens: 1 pair
Fingerless Mitts: 2 pair
Hats: 8
Baby Items: 3
Scarves/Shawls/Cowls: 4
Dishrags: 6
Project bags: 12

(Mitered Square Sock Blanket: 186 squares)

Grand total of knit items for 2013: 53 plus (186 squares) and a dozen project bags

Favorite Item: Beautiful yarn given to me by Yarn Lovin' Lizzy creator of Vice Yarns

Craziest thing knit this year: Socks for my brothers

Spider Socks
Old/New Griz Socks
Favorite photo prop for knitted item: Daisies

Favorite hand dyed item: Socks in the Poolside Bitch Colorway

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