Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

It's going to be a white Christmas!

Many Christmas' ago, Hubby brought home a Santa hat. He thought our little girls would love to play with the red and white hat until "the big day." I suggested we hang the hat on the coat rack Christmas Eve and let the girls play with the Santa hat every Christmas after. 

We never thought it would be so effective! Christmas morning we waited and waited for the girls to gather around the tree - finally we decided they had slept long enough and put on Christmas music and began to make lots of noise around the house, hoping to wake them from a sound sleep. The girls came running up begging us to be quiet. They explained they had been awake for hours but were hesitant to get up because earlier in the morning they had spotted Santa's hat and thought he was delivering the goodies. They didn't want us to scare him off before he left the intended presents!
The next Christmas the girls carefully put the hat back on the coat rack so Santa could take the lost hat home with him. It actually was a big deal when Santa didn't take it and I had to explain that Mrs. Claus had evidently made him a new one and Santa wanted them to have the hat.

The grandkiddos love to wear the hat during the Holidays and this has become a family tradition that the NorDak Family have carried on at their house.

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