Sunday, July 10, 2011

The garden

Because we live where we do, a vegetable garden is out of the question. The soil is terrible, and the deer constantly taste anything growing. Several years ago Hubby gave me a small greenhouse because I had mentioned that when I retire I'd like one to putter around in.  I had hoped to be able to a grow a few vegetables within the greenhouse. I soon discovered that it gets too hot to grow anything but tomatoes in the hot summer months. Even with the tomatoes I must keep a fan going or the door open or the plants will wilt under the hot Montana sun. Last year the door was open and the mom to the triplets got in not once but twice and ate the tomato plants right down to the stalks. They never recovered.
Hubby build me a gate for the doorway and in an effort to conserve water we also planted the tomatoes in buckets.
I saw this idea in a magazine article and thought it was worth a try. You need two buckets. (Costco Laundry soap buckets)The outside bucket has a hole drilled out about one inch above the bottom, the second (inside bucket) has a hole drilled out on the bottom and a pvc pipe is place through the hole. The pvc pipe also has small holes drilled all around the bottom. You then put the two buckets together with the pvc pipe slipped through the hole in the inside bucket. Fill with dirt and plant your tomato. Water through the outside hole of the bucket. The plants are doing great!
First tomato of the year July 10th
Next year I think I'll try a zucchini and green pepper.

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Linda Guenther said...

I love your blog Judy. It's the next best thing to being there and spending time with you. I miss you guys.