Saturday, September 16, 2017

Griz football begins!

When we left Montana a little over a week ago it was summer. The temperature was in the 80-90 degree range but smoky, like most of the summer. I didn't spend much time outside this summer - a first - but with over a million acres burning many days it was hazardous for even healthy people to be outside.

I was looking forward to some nice fall days and hoping to see our big blue skies.We landed at the airport, the plane had no difficulty, it was a perfect landing.  Then out of nowhere a cold front hit. We walked out the airport doors to wind and cold temperatures. It's continued for the last few days with the added addition of rain. Happily it has brought the fire season to an end.

But today we are on our way to the Griz game and this is what we are driving in:
WHAT??? I'm not ready for winter!

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