Monday, September 25, 2017

Denali and Polly, sibling rilvary

Denali has had a particularly difficult time adjusting to the kitten.  Hubby spent most of the summer fighting wildland fires and so Denali has been missing "her person" while having to put up with Polly. She is by nature a very shy cat and so spent most of the summer hiding in the basement under the covers of a spare bed only coming out in the evening to sit in her coveted spot in the bathroom window. She has always loved sitting there watching the critters go by - outdoor cats, bunnies, turkeys, coyotes, and the bear we had in the yard this summer.

With the change in weather Hubby is home and Denali is happily spending up to three hours a day sitting on his lap. She is spending more time upstairs and I think I've even caught the two kitties entering into a bit of chase around the house. But, sadly, yesterday Polly found and took over Denali's last best place.....

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