Saturday, July 1, 2017

What ya' knittin' kitten?

During the month of June I worked very hard to deplete my Red Heart stash. Often, when non-knitters learn I knit they will offer me their grandmother’s stash. I accept with the dream the stash will be cashmere but it’s always been a stash of Red Heart. Over the years I’ve acquired quite a big box. Every kitten bed I finished was Polly's favorite until I finished another, then the new one was her favorite. In total I completed thirteen cat beds and twelve cat blankets for the vet.
Pattern: Cat's Craddle by Comfort for Critters
Yarn: Red Heart Worsted
Hook: I
Pattern: Sunflower Pet Blanket by Maryann
Yarn: Red Heart
Hook: I
Polly is now the proud owner of one of the cat beds.
I also finished forty-three preemie hats for a sum total of 8,518 meters.

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