Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My safer than a nail file socks

It was while knitting these socks on the train from Guilin to Gangzhou I acquired the World Title of Fastest Knitter In The World clocking in at 150 mile per hour!
The socks will also be remembered for their part in being pulled over by security. We had been through security time and time again during our trip through China. So imagine my surprise on  the last leg of the journey, Hong Kong to Tokyo, being pulled aside and asked to remove a sharp object from my purse - no, not my knitting needles but a nail file.

 “Madam, you see the file has a sharp end.” the security officer said as she moved her finger over the point. I agreed and quickly gathered my things and moved on.
I must admit I felt just a bit smug as I knit my way to Japan.
Pattern: Vanilla Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heels
Yarn: Regia Arnie and Carlos
Colorway: Tinn
Needles: US Size 1

Three pairs of socks knit in China, not a bad knitting adventure!

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