Sunday, June 4, 2017

Introducing Polly Pickett!

I have been wanting an orange kitten for a long time but in our household two cats make up the pet family and happily our cats are very long lived. Eighteen years is a long and great life for a cat! Three years ago Hubby REALLY wanted a Bengal and we now have Denali and do love her so much!  This moved me into first in line for the choice of a kitten this winter when Grace moved  Florida. We decided not to even look for a kitten until we got back from our trip. For some reason I thought an orange kitten would just magiclly appear and I would be greeted at the airport with a kitten. Instead I had to wait almost three weeks for one to appear!

Meet Polly (Hayward) Pickett...

 I've been saving her name for many years. When working on the family genealogy I discovered my third great grandmother's name was Polly Hayward and she married Gilead Pickett making her Polly Pickett. I instantly loved the name and thought it would be a great cat's name...I'm pretty sure the human Polly Pickett thinks it's fine and loved cats herself!

Polly's estimated birth date is March 25, 2017. She was found in a boat with her brother. The Vet Tech found them on May 17th. She thought the Momma kitty was moving them around from one place to another - probably for safety. The Vet Tech watched but Momma didn't return and so she took over the kitten rearing. They were turned into the Animal Shelter on Friday night, I checked the web site and found her the next day. I was there within the hour!

Polly is tiny, not even two lbs. Usually the shelter doesn't release their kittens until they are spayed or neutered and they need to weigh 2lbs. I must have looked like a responsible Cat Momma because they let me take her home immediately and we'll do the deed later. She is DARLING.

We like to have our cats sleep on our bed with us at night. It just makes Hubby and I feel more peaceful. Last night I put her on my pillow as I got ready to go to bed, hoping she might settle down somewhere on the bed. The lights went out and within two minutes Polly settled into the crook of my arms and didn't move all night, BLISS!!

Yes, I am a crazy cat woman. And yes, future  great-great-great grandchildren can name their kitten after me!

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