Monday, June 5, 2017

Heavenly socks

It might have been a hot and humid day in Beijing but a Knitter’s gotta knit! Enjoying the sites at Temple of Heaven.
 I made sure the socks were in progress, on the needles and the cuff done when going through airport security. There was no problem getting them through. However, I was worried enough something could happen  -  I put a spare pair of needles in my checked luggage. I can't imagine not knitting a stitch for 3 weeks!

Pattern: Vanilla Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heels
Yarn: Regia4-Fadig Jacquard Color 4-ply
Colorway:Black, Purple, Blue, and Oatmeal
Amount: 1 Skein
Needle Size: US Size 1

I had decided to knit vanilla socks during our trip. I knew they would keep my hands busy without drawing my attention away from the sites.

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