Friday, June 30, 2017

California Dreamin' Kiddos 2017 summer visit

Yesterday the kiddos headed home after another visit to the old homestead. We started the visit in the usual way - a trip to the public library. The kiddos found a great stack of books knowing it would keep them happy for their three week visit. I happily checked the books out on my library card.

I've had my card for over forty years and even though I'm asked from time to time if I want to update it I've kept it just for old times sake, until this visit. As I was putting the card back into my purse, it just broke in half. I was shocked! The kiddos laughed at the look on my face. It forced me to replace my Parmly Library card with a new flashy Billings Public Library Card and in that second there went my ties to two libraries and thousands of checked out books! A little thing with a BIG impact...
We spent our days as we usually do reading, hiking, paddle boarding, playing card games, watching a little tv. One day we visited the Top Of The World on the Beartooth Pass and another we hiked with Hubby so he could show us the pictographs he found last year.
Sadly, the kiddos are getting older, schedules fuller and the trips shorter but always the best thing is we always enjoy being together for whatever time we are given.

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