Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 "First Fawn of The Season" in the books

It's that time of the year again, with a big difference. Hubby and I weren't the only people playing this year.  There were a few additional contestants with family visiting earlier than usual this summer.  The California Dreamin' family and The Chick were quickly made aware of the rule required to play the game:

 It must be a confirmed siting, involving PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF.

Everyone got into the swing of it, carrying their cameras on all walks. As usual Hubby saw the first fawn but the proof was nonexistent in his photo. Bri was right behind him with her camera but disqualified herself because all you could see was a very small bum - or tree stump, we're not sure. It didn't take long for the next siting. The next evening Chloe ALittleBit was just finishing her walk, and  heading up the driveway when there by the garage was not one fawn but TWO! How are your skills at finding those little guys?
Way to go Chloe, 2017 winner of the First Fawn of The Season competition!!

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