Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Maiden voyage for the new trailer

 Hubby had been planning this camping/gold panning trip all winter and even though I had a cold, who was I to say no? I knew I could nap and blow my nose in the trailer as well as at home….

So I made and froze several meals ahead for the trip:
1 ) Stuffed Green Peppers
2) Easy Chicken Pasta Bake
3) Taco meat for tacos
4) Lentil Soup
5) Cookies, and bran muffins

We loaded up the new trailer for her maiden voyage and off we went, down the road.  It was a quiet weekend, Hubby would leave early and get back around six. Denali and I spent time knitting, reading, playing solitaire, and yowling. (You decide who was doing what!)
I like the new digs - it’s nice to have a Murphy bed (it just disappears and the trailer becomes a living area but then Denali has no safe zone under the covers or under the bed itself and that’s been a trial.) We have a bathroom and that’s nice, it’s one reason BIG reason I'm glad not to be a pioneering woman.

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