Monday, May 29, 2017


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been looking forward to Stash Dash since January! I love the camaraderie the planning, the scheming, and looking at all the completed projects. But this year, I must admit, there was no early planning…no almost finished projects, no Down the Rabbithole Blanket, in fact until last week there was no plan at all!

I’ve been out and about traveling and so it wasn’t until our return I caught up with The KnitGirllls. It was during one of those catch up podcasts I began to form my plan. LaLa reminded viewers the original spirit of the Dash is to finish the projects which have been languishing, or get the oldest skeins (can I say ugliest? or at least the skeins you have no idea what possessed you to buy them) and use them up.

Plan of Attack Number ONE:
“What to do, What to do…“ with that big pile of Tag Ends Of Sock Yarn. It seems as though this is my constant dilemma. Even though I finished the Down The Rabbithole Blanket last year during Stash Dash and have been knitting Berkeley Sock like a champ, I still have plenty of Tag Ends Of Sock Yarn.  So, I decided to take a tip from another podcaster, Gigi Knitmore, and I’m going to use ALL my Tag Ends Of Sock Yarn and knit them into preemie hats.
Plan of Attack Number TWO:
I am also in search of an orange, female, shorthaired, kitten (not easy to find when you are so specific). I stopped at the vet’s earlier in the week to see if they could provide me with any leads. You might be wondering where this fits into Stash Dash - I’m getting to it… While there I also asked about making pet blankets for in the cages. They were surprised and delighted. (Thank you, Podcaster Sadie Ruin for the idea) So I will also be crocheting pet blankets to get rid of the Red Heart acrylic gifted me over the years.
Plan of Attack Number THREE:
Lastly, the last sweater I for myself is potentially beautiful but has two flaws, the buttons and length. I didn’t even post this sweater as a finished object because I knew it needed some altering but I didn’t have the gumption to do it - until now. So I’m going to tink back and reknit the bottom ribbing shortening it to the necessary length, and get rid of the expensive but klinky buttons. Then this finished sweater will be ready to wear in the fall!
I usually declare the length of the dash I’m going to compete in on the first day, however, this year I’m going to “Knit, knit like the wind,”  wait to the end, and see where I’m at, then post like a mad woman!

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