Sunday, May 7, 2017


One of the things I like about knitting socks is the portability of the projects. Knitters know how nice it is to be able pull out a project while in a waiting room.  Recently, I was in a room filled with women waiting at the car service center.

One lady reading the newspaper asked if I'd like a section but my response was, "No thank you, no news is good news." Her response, "These days you are 100%  correct." The other ladies were staring into space, fiddling with their phones, and flipping through magazines. Me? I just pulled out the ever ready knitting in my purse and began knitting.

I'd been knitting for a bit when one of the ladies said, "Impressive. Have you been knitting long?" I went into my standard reply - since I was in the fifth grade, yada, yada, yada. Then she wanted to know who had taught me to knit. I surprised myself when I began telling her about my last conversation with Bea a few years ago. I'd called Bea to let her know how grateful I was for the creative outlet she had provided me so long ago. I'd asked her if she was still knitting. Her answer was a sad no. She was blind in one eye and her vision no longer allowed her to knit. We continued to catch up visiting about my family, her son Bob and our current lives. She was proud to tell me she was still living at home and driving to town to get her own groceries ........WHAT????

 One of my favorite photos

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