Sunday, May 28, 2017

How Is this "Making America great again???"

Today, May 25th, was yet another election day for Montana.  Earlier this year trump selected Montana Rep. Zinke Secretary of the Interior creating an open seat and making a special election necessary. The candidates were questionable from the start, a reported billionaire with a recent failed run for governor and a Montana good old boy, country singer. Neither candidate has any political experience but then this seems to be the trend.

The National Democrats appeared slow to realize a win would gain a seat in a Republican dominated arena but our Republican billionaire  “wanna be” quickly poured over a million dollars of his pocket change into the race. 

The race went on sadly, with “He said, He did, He didn’t” political ads being continually run on media. With no political records to grasp at, commercials were about health issues, unpaid bills, lawsuits, and how long it takes to become a “true” Montanan. Must you be born in Montana or is twenty years enough to claim Montana citizenship?

By their current standard, I’m not sure if I would be categorized as a Montanan, I thought I was but I didn’t move here until I was twelve - so even though I’ve spent approximately 80% of my life in the state I may not be worthy of the title “Montanan”. The family moved to Butte from out of state and it didn’t take me long to realize I liked the values in Montana. You were as good as your word, your behavior, and you were a friend until you proved you weren’t. It would have been nice if all Montanans, new or life long, had used these Butte values as a way to make an informed decision in this election.

It was a horrible race from start to finish but Wednesday, the day before the election, hit a new low when a reporter asking a valid question of our billionaire candidate ended up with hands around his neck and being thrown to the ground assaulted by the billionaire candidate.

Stupidity prevailed and the billionaire was elected. His acceptance speech again and again included the statement, “Together we can make America great again.” I can’t understand this statement coming out of his mouth or trump’s, How is lying, cheating, discrimination, and assault, in any way making our nation great??

As a Grandmother and former teacher I find it impossible to hold these men up as fine upstanding citizens - let alone the role models we’ve expected them to be for our children. Daily I cringe when watching the news and reading the newspaper. The children of America are forming the values they will be living by as adults as they watch the same daily news. When they see such behavior day after day from people they trust to be knowledgeable and trustworthy it is making an impact on them no matter how hard a teacher, grandparent, or parent tries to instill positive and moral values.

donald trump and Greg Gianforte YOU ARE NOT MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! In fact, you may well be causing the disintegration of the great American values we have held dear for over 200 years and YOU should be ashamed. To coin a phrase, “Sad, so sad.”

Republicans wake up - you made a big mistake! Democrats get going - this is your chance to start making changes in your party and in Washington!

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