Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hidden Figures - A great movie filled with memories

Hidden Figures is a must see! Enjoyable from start to finish and a movie the entire family can watch. It inspires discussion and I loved watching it with my girls and granddaughter recently! The movie also conjured up some childhood memories I shared with them.

My father was always a big NASA fan. We lived in Seattle and the launches were in Florida - a big time difference when NASA launched at sunrise and a clear sky. From the first launch Dad would call upstairs to the three of us, "Two minutes to launch! Get Down Here NOW!!" By the time we tripped down the stairs they were counting, "TEN...NINE...EIGHT..." All of us would be standing there in our jammies watching history being made. It never failed as long as the siblings lived at home the routine was the same, "TWO MINUTES AND COUNTING..."  Until the launches became commonplace even to my dad and it was that first missed launch that was a disaster. He knew it was crazy be said he felt somehow responsible by not watching.

The Seattle World's Fair happened while we lived there and of course Dad wanted to visit the Mercury space craft exhibit in the NASA Pavillion. I remember being close enough to touch it.

Mom shared her memory of Scott Carpenter. They went to high school in Boulder Colorado together. Scott was a year or two younger than Mom. After all the high school teens had eaten their lunch they would clear the cafeteria, putting the tables up against the walls and start plugging the jukebox (yes they had one in the cafeteria - novel idea - keeping the kids out of trouble and great exercise) Scott Carpenter was shy and I got the feeling he was perhaps a bit of a wallflower so Mom would sometimes ask him to dance. "Nothing romantic - he was a couple of years younger than me."

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