Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter 2017

It's turning into a tradition - When the first daughter makes it to the old homestead we head to the grocery store for supplies. Kate drew the lucky straw this Easter. It was a quick trip to town and back home - we both are known for our distaste for shopping. As we were unpacking the groceries we decided to boil up the eggs immediately for dyeing later.

This proved a very wise decision. After being in the car for their eight hour trip to Gram's the kiddos were more than ready for some creative egg dyeing. Sarah had been on Pinterest and found a new trendy way to dye eggs.  Shaving cream and food coloring was all we needed and we were hopping down the bunny trail almost immediately!
 Place the eggs in the goop for 10 minutes and then rinse...
We decided the neon food coloring called for would have been a great idea but the shelves were empty. We think this was the "IN" way to dye eggs this year!
 The kiddos still enjoy a good Easter Egg Hunt......
After the hunt I put the ham in the oven and off we went on a family hike. Grandpa had been wanting to share a "secret" spot where he had found a pictograph of a hunter and some horses!
 The Tiger and Gramps spent time each day in the gully doing a little target practice.
Sadie had loved her painting adventure last Thanksgiving so we off we went to the Coffee shop. While she painted her landscape I did a little knitting with Sarah and the knitting group.
Much to soon our long weekend together was over and were soon back their own homes safe and sound!

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