Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sparks flew on our trip to Freezeout Lake

After a week home from his last outing, Hubby was ready for another trip into the wild frontier.  The weekend weather was predicted to be sunny and warm and Hubby gave me time to make beef stew, chicken noodle soup and homemade yeast rolls. Even Denali was willing to go without to much protest.

The destination was Freezeout Lake in the northwest corner of the state. It's about a hundred miles from Glacier National Park. Twice a year, in October and March,  the snow geese use this area as a resting place when they are migrating either north or south. They stay three or four days before moving on to their final destination. It is reported there can be as many as 100,000 snow geese resting at one time, however, when we were there the estimate was approximately 10,000. The grain fields in the area provide the birds with food which they forage for several times each day.  When rested these birds depart on their final leg of the journey ending in Russia, Canada or the Hudson Bay.
On Monday, after taking over 1,600 photos (yes, this isn't a typo) Hubby decided he had enough and we should head for home.

Remember the old advertisements stating most accidents happen within 25 miles of your home?

Well, we were about 15 miles from home, on Airport Road, when all Hell broke loose. By the time we realized the trailer had blown a tire and were able to pull over to the side of the road, we were in big trouble! The airport and city fire departments, police and many kind bystanders came to our aid.
After some scary moments, the fire was put out but our little home away from home is a total loss.

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