Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gracie Lynn (May 2000 - Jan 16, 2017)

For over sixteen years Grace, my constant companion, has been at my side. On the deck enjoying the summer sun, sitting on the couch next to me while I was knitting, or sleeping on my legs at night. When taking pictures of my finished knitting projects there was Grace. The two of us got along fine.
But from the beginning she didn't like being second fiddle to an older and established kitty in the household. She really didn't care for Nikko and didn't mind letting her know. With a constant chip on her shoulder she would often allow this to carry over to humans, the daughters and grandkiddos often got the brunt of her frustrations.
The last few years brought us closer. Becoming "Top Cat" allowed her to come into herself. To a non-catlover this may sound strange but others will totally understand. Grace had my total and complete attention. She knew she could sit on my lap without invitation for hours and in the last year, if I wasn't looking adoringly into her eyes she would gently reach up with her paw and direct my gaze into her loving eyes. I learned how to give "cat massages" much to my families amusement but Grace loved them and would purr to her heart's content.
It's been a sad week. In hindsight, there may have been some tell tale signs she wasn't well. Grace had started yowling at odd times, usually when we just turned out the lights and gone to bed.  She had started to be a bit restless and would jump from hubby and I, staying only 5 minutes or so... But last Tuesday we felt it was rather sudden that she became sick. Even after two trips to the vet's we were unable to turn her health around.

Good bye sweet friend.

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