Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Birthday socks for the CaliforniaDreamin' Guy

I love doing these socks and they are the California Dreamin’ boy’s favorite.

The socks are for the runner in the family who has very muscular legs. At Christmas he commented on a pair of socks I’d knit as the”best fitting” socks. This is the formula I had used: I knit on 32 sts but increased 3 stitches along the top/back of the heel and also 5 stitches across the cuff bind off in the stretchy bind off.

They give me such a lovely feeling of “frugal-ness” and I was surprised to see my leftover sock stash is beginning to disappear! The Berkeley Socks are beginning to make a dent.
Pattern: Vanilla, Slip Stitch, Fish Lip Heeled Berkeley Socks
Yarn: Sock Yarn
Colorway: Blues
Amount: Bits and Pieces of 80% 20% yarn
Needles: US Size 1

(Now, I must dash off to make more leftover stash!)

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