Sunday, January 22, 2017

A brown bear sighting in my own livingroom

The Grandgurls have enjoyed sewing projects the last few times they have visited.  I've had this pattern for many years, it looked simple and fun to do and thought they might enjoy making a Teddy Bear for Cousin John's baby daughter coming this spring.

Our time together passed quickly and it wasn't until The NorDak Family had headed back home that I pulled out the furry material and pattern for Chloe to work on. The Pirate and I were busy re-tying his blanket (don't use 80-20% sock yarn to tie a blanket, within a few days the yarn was coming untied.)  and Chloe started on the bear. I talked to her about about keeping the nap on the material going in the same direction and then let her loose to pin and cut out the proved  easier said than done. The fur was not easy to cut out...or sew...or seam rip...the pattern wasn't clear on many counts. After a valiant effort, Chloe quietly put it down and didn't return to the project for the rest of her stay.

In an effort to try and get the sewing room back in order yesterday,  I pick up the project and decided to "get her done".  I plugged away on it,  and had trouble getting the head on the little feller but LOVE the finished product. I'll add a bow before it goes in the mail. I hope it becomes a well loved companion.
(FYI: The eyes and nose were bought on Etsy and are supposed to be childproof. They are screwed in from the back of the fabric and are very secure)

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