Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer visit 2016

As the grandkiddos grow up it seems my visits are beginning to shrink! They have had a very busy summer.  Unbelievably Chloe went to visit her Grannie and Grandfather across the pond - ALL BY HERSELF! She did fine but it's hard for this Grandma to realize she is old enough to travel so far alone. Both grandkiddos also spent time back East with the English side of the family and then it was on to Northern California for just their immediate family to enjoy sometime together!

I convinced myself that when they came for their visit with me they needed a bit of a rest! So off we went to the Public Library and checked out books, had The Chick come with her new kitten Zoey, and mostly just hung around the house.
.Zoey loved her deck experience and The Chick added a deck to her "must have" list for a future home.

We went paddle boarding a couple of days at "Lake" Elmo.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out it really wasn't a bad place to paddle.
 Grandpa is convinced the only reason the kiddos keep coming is to drive the 4-wheeler around but this year I think it was to see the kitten! I was sure I had several photos of the kiddos on the 4-wheeler but this Gramma slipped up - no photos! Trust me they had fun and became quite comfortable driving around the property.

After the new kitten Zoey left, the brave Denali came out of the woodwork and tried to make up to the kiddos. Probably to little to late but neither Cameron or Chloe were going to turn their backs on her.
When they got home their Mom asked about their visit. They responded, "Lots of ice cream, cookies, television, four-wheeling and late bedtimes." Guess the visit was a success!

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