Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kayaking on the Big Horn Reservoir

Sharon, a teacher friend of mine, and I have done some really cool things over the years. We've been to Washington DC for the Mickelson Academy, Fort Peck to dinosaur dig with U of M grad students, and last weekend we went kayaking on the Big Horn Canyon Reservoir.
Montana Fish and Game was offering free day trips so Sharon, always up for an adventure, signed us up. I've been kayaking before with Hubby in Hawaii but it wasn't until this trip I realized I've been working much to hard at paddling. I think I'd been trying to over achieve with Hubby on board and didn't want him to think I was whimping out, so I really "put my back into it."  On this trip I realized kayaking means skimming the surface of the water not digging into it!

It took us a while to coordinate but in the end Sharon and I were a pretty good team.

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