Monday, July 25, 2016

Have the Bro's caught the genealogy bug?

Bro' Mike and wife came into town this last week. He'd shown and interest in my family research and wanted to sit down and take a look at what I'd found.

My father never knew much about his father's family, not because Dad wasn't interested but my grandfather died when he was twelve and my grandmother just wouldn't talk about family to anyone. Dad's older sister told me a few things she thought were the dynamics of their family but she certainly didn't state them as factual.

Dad often asked me to search for information about his family and to help him learn about his father. At the time I just didn't have any facts to hinge a valid search on. I promised Dad I would continue to look for that tiny bit of information needed to "break the case wide open" and so, from time to time over the years I have searched on internet trying to find anything that might get me started on a solid search of Dad's family. And in the fall of 2015 I found my first solid lead:
The WWI Draft registration filled out and signed by my redheaded grandfather, Joseph Henry Murphy.  And so the search began!

I feel confident with the information I found on my grandfather, his parents, and siblings. I will continue to search the next generation back who I have lined out and think are family but not quite confident enough to totally embrace as my own.

The Bro's enjoyed their evening looking through their notebooks and being introduced the family who had been such a mystery.

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