Monday, June 13, 2016

All aboard!

Unfortunately, there are no passenger trains traveling through Billings and in reality the cost of a train ticket today is more than a plane ticket. So it is just simpler to take the faster, less expensive form of transportation.

Hubby and I haven't ridden on a train for years. We once took a train trip to Seattle where he visited a high school buddy attending college there and I visited a friend from elementary days.

Last month, the BNSF Railroad invited First Responders aboard for a quick train trip. Hubby knows my fondness for trains and quickly RSVP'd and signed us up for the trip. 
Yesterday, we climbed aboard the train and soon got our seat in the coveted vista dome, Bay View.
We went over the Yellowstone River on the trestle bridge,
across the green prairie,
and stopped at Pompey's Piller.
We then made the return trip. All and all a great afternoon's adventure!

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