Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy Birthday PurlGurl

Spring in Montana means the weather can change dramatically from day to day and so I watched the weather forecast all week before making the the decision on Thursday that I could make the 8 hour drive to celebrate the NorDak Purl Gurl's birthday! I arrived Friday evening, after work and school for the NorDak Family.

There was an added bonus, on Saturday Sadie played in a volleyball tournament.
 I was so impressed how the program is run. If the girls aren't playing they are line judging or keeping score. This is a great way for the girls to stay on task during a day long tournament as well as learn the finer points of the game. The girls can out play any of the middle school teams I've seen play here in Montana.

We dyed yarn using Easter Egg dyes and now I have four beautiful skeins of yarn for socks.
Mine, Sarah's, Sadie Lou's, and Troy's

Saturday night we watched March Madness Semi-finals. Before the month long tournament started Troy brought home two brackets for the series. He work very hard putting together what he thought was a winning series and the other sheet he gave to the kiddos thinking it would be fun for them to complete. They worked at filling it out putting a team here and another there. A team they particularly liked the sound of...."Vanilla nova". So the kiddos decided it was "Vanilla nova" for the win.  

At Saturday night's game Villanova dominated beginning to end.

We were all looking forward to the final game on Monday night. And what a game it was..."Vanilla nova" won in the last second!

Sunday, the kiddos and I had a discussion about what they would do with their winnings should "Vanilla nova" win. I suggested perhaps they could save their money until summer and then buy an ice cream everyday all vacation long. The Tiger said he didn't want to waste his money like that and in the next breath asked his sister if she'd like to pool their money together and buy and x-box 500 (or some such techie game machine type thing that gramma's can't remember the name of) She instantly declined. It will be interesting to see what happens to the winnings!

Sadie made her mom's birthday cake and both kiddos decorated it:
The PurlGurl asked if I'd make Swiss steak for dinner, something she loves but didn't know how to make.  It really doesn't have a recipe, my mom just showed me how to make it years ago.  I'd forgotten how delicious it is.

We also taught SadieLou how to play Shanghi-rummy and had a great afternoon.

Monday morning it was time to go back to the real world. Kids to school, their mom and dad back to work, and me back to Montana. It was a fun weekend and thanks for having me!

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