Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Times, They Are A Changin'

Twenty years ago when we built this house, it was filled with two of our three daughters and Hubby and I were working hard at our careers. I chose the house color and door color because I wanted the house to look established, as though it had been out here in the country for many years.

With the big hailstorm two years ago it became necessary to replace many things on the outside, roof, screens, siding and gutters. Although I was open to changing the siding color the green just seemed to be the right color and so was replaced with a bit darker green.

The door color was another story. It had been painted several times over the years but the color remained the original dark green. Now, I felt it was time for a new color, red.
Hubby and I both like the new color and were happy we'd changed things up a bit. Then I read this article: 

13 Things Your House Reveals About You by Michell Crouch

Number 4 says: Whether You Are Outgoing It's written on your front door. According to color experts, a red door means you're not afraid to say what you think. ... Green broadcasts your traditional values...

Are you kidding? With the passing years, out went our traditional family, kiddos, green door and all. Now, as Hubby and I prepare to retire we are certainly becoming more outspoken.  I'm happy with the change and may just keep the door red for another 20 years!

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