Monday, February 29, 2016

Update on the Down The Rabbit Hole Blanket

I've continued to work on the "Never-ending Blanket of Doom" meeting my New Year's Resolution for two months now! February was a busy month (more on that another post) but I was able to knit  51 squares for a total of 649 squares!! All ends are worked in and surprisingly there was no I-chord to be knit around edges.
I had planned a total of ten black squares and so the square one the left row is the final one. There is just one square above it - THE TOP OF THE BLANKET IS NOW IN COMPLETION MODE!!

My plan is to finish the estimated twenty squares on the left top edge during the month of May and then attack the last black square on the right side row.

Since the beginning of this endeavor I've been able to take the square knitting time down from 45 minutes a square to 25 minutes a square, great news but it's made it difficult to estimate the total hours put into this project. If I average the time to say 35 minutes a square I've put in approximately 380 hours just knitting squares.

Onward and upward!

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