Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mother's maiden name...

My mother's family comes from a long line of people who use their mother's maiden name when naming their children. Usually they were used as  middle names but in the case of my great - great grandfather, Murray, it was used as his first name. He was named after his mother Betsey Murray.

Betsey was born in May 18, 1786 and married Dr. Prentiss Dana  in 1807. She died three and a half months after giving birth to her eight child on October 31 1821, age 35 years, 5 months and 13 days.
Although I know many generations back on Murray's father's side, Betsey's parents have been a mystery. I've been snooping around lately and came upon several leads. While probably not 100% accurate there is likely to be some truth in the information:

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 49 Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters, New England Historic Genealogical Society (published 1906)

MURRAY – Information of any kind regarding the following persons is desired. 
Joseph Murray married Hanna Pattison, April 16, 1724. Children: Elizabeth, b. January 24, 1725: James, b. May 10, 1727: John, b. July 2, 1729; Mary, b. Oct. 2, 1731; Elisha, b. March 19, 1734; Hanna, b. July 27, 1736; Ruba, b. March 12, 1739; Parthena, b. June 7, 1741; Joseph, Jr. b Feb 27, 1744, d. Jan 18, 1815; Philemon, b. Aug. 2, 1746; Eunice, b, July 16, 1749

Joseph Murray, Jr. married Isabella Burritt. Children: Andrew, b. Aug 8, 1770, d. March 18, 1853; Lucy, b. Feb 8, 1772; John N., b. Nov 5, 1773; Sally, b. May 28, 1775; Harriet, b. Dec. 2, 1776; Anna, b. May 19, 1778; Betsy, b. May 18, 1786

Andrew Murray, son of Joseph Jr. married Polly Bartlett, daughter of Icabod Bartlett and Azuba Norton. They married and lived in Addison VT.

submitted by: 120 Joralemon St., Brooklyn N.Y.   Archibald Murray M.D
I hope you have noticed that the youngest daughter of Joseph Jr. and Isabella Burritt is one Betsey Murray born on May 18, 1786!

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