Monday, February 1, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole update

Today is February 1st so I thought I'd do an update on the Neverending Blanket of Doom (AKA: Down the Rabbit Hole Sock Yarn Blanket... Cozy Memories Blanket)

January was a stellar month for the blanket. One hundred mitered squares knit (a current total of 588), all ends worked in and the i-chord knit as far as possible. I worked up and around one side until I could complete the ninth of the ten black big squares - worth four regular squares. This black square will only have one mitered square above it when the blanket is complete. the end is getting closer!

There is a down side to this great progress however... only one pair of socks, a right footed half sock and a hat were completed this month.

February will not be as productive for the Neverending Blanket of Doom. It's going to be a rather busy month and my hope is to just stick to the original one square a day or 29 squares this month.

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