Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Number One and Two

The families came one at a time this year and so we had what became known as Christmas Number One on the 25th with The Chick and The NorDak Family followed by Christmas Number Two on the 26th with the additional California Dreamin' Family.

On Christmas Number One we spent a lot of time sledding in the gully in front of our house. At some point during the day, we heard this Christmas had a full moon for the first time in thirty nine years and there wouldn't be another full moon Christmas for another nineteen years. So what should a family do but mark this special occasion  with a nighttime sledding party!
 I didn't know this was on my bucket list until I checked it off! I also challenged the family to celebrate Christmas 2034 in the same manner!

The next day it was on to Christmas Number Two! We had a wonderful relaxed morning with brunch and opening packages.
Then it was off to the sledding hill once again, manmade sled jumps and all!
Even Gram and Grandpa got in on the action!
Everyone pitched in and dinner was a breeze...
California Dreamin' son-in-law has introduced a favorite English tradition, Crackers and this year's had a musical twist!

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