Monday, September 21, 2015

"Old Blue Eyes"

When The Chick was born everyone began wondering just where she got her blue eyes. In our family my Mom, Dad and three brothers all had brown. My parent's siblings all had brown eyes as well. As I began asking extended family members I was told my grandfather was the one in my family with the blue eyes. But because he died when my mother was four years old it was only hearsay - until now.  Recently WWI registrations became available on the internet and I checked  my maternal father's registration and there it was in black and white!
Now in Hubby's family they all had brown as well. I did have the opportunity to know his Gramma Pearl who in her heyday was a fiesty redhead with blue eyes.

So there it is....
The Chick Who Flew The Coop got her blue eyes from her Great-Gramma Pearl on her Dad's side and her Great-Grandfather John on her Mother's side!

Just have to add this darling photo of the three girls:

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