Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Renewing a family tradition

The Stillwater near Nye, Montana is a beautiful picnic, water splashing destination. By August the water is low enough for the kiddos to float down the river and they have so much fun! The first time I remember going with the family was when The Purl Gurl was only four months old. We had a picnic with the  whole family, and the men went fishing. I have pictures of the original adventure but also found some of later years when all the little gurls were around:
The California Dreamin' Gurl, Our Beloved "Adopted" Daughter, The Chick and The Purl Gurl in the background.
Great Grandpa, The Chick and One Handsome Grandpa with their freshly caught fish!

Finally, this was year to visit once again. We were able to do the picnic/floating thing on the Stillwater with the grandkiddos and hope to be able to do it next year too!
 The deepest section is waist high and and as you float down it gets to ankle depth...
 Mountain fresh COLD water!
Lots of humming and singing was done this sunny afternoon!

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