Sunday, June 28, 2015

And the winner is....

ME!  I just crossed the 5K finishline with an extra burst of 108 meters!
Pattern: Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis
Yarn: Zwergr Garn Opal Handpainted/Handefarbt
Colorway: Last Blumen Srrechen
Needle Size: US 6 and 8 (larger than suggested in the pattern)

This cowl is for the Wyoming Cowgurl's birthday. She loves these colors. I hope she will wear it often this fall and winter.

Pattern: Colonial Rib Socks by Katie S.
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Hand-painted
Colorway: Make Believe
Needle Size: US Size 1

I caught my second wind and have started the 3K Stash Dash! My first leg of the race is accomplished with this Wonderful Wallaby.
Pattern: The Wonderful Wallaby
Yarn: Encore Tweed
Colorway: Ruby
Needle Size: US Size 6 and 8

The California Dreamin' Gurl has an old college friend who has loved The Pirate's Sweaters for years. This once unmarried young man voiced a desire for the pirate sweater for his unborn, and yet conceived son for years. Then, last Decemeber he had his son. Now, soon he will have The Pirate Sweater!
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