Monday, March 9, 2015

Once upon a full nest...

Recently, we received some photos in the mail. Hubby's cousin was sorting through three boxes of photos her mother had taken years ago. The ones in the envelope were from a visit Hubby's Aunt Martha had made to Montana years ago. Great Aunt Martha came out west to visit her sister-in-law, Hubby's mom. This coincided with our visit and we had a great time. Martha must have thought so as well because she came back for another visit again a year or so later.

Martha took these photos so we don't have a photo of her. But what fun it is to see a happy Gramma with her beloved Grandchildren!
These photos brought back a memory of the night California Dreamin' Girl fell out of bed THREE times but out of sheer stubbornness she rode out the night on the top bunk !

Great Aunt Martha was sleeping in the double bed in the "guest room" with a crib, and a bunk bed as well. The Chick was in the crib, the NorDak Purl Gurl was on the lower bunk and The California Dreamin' Gurl insisted on sleeping up top. Twice we heard a crash but nothing else. Then the third time the crash was followed by Aunt Martha coming out of the room shaking her head...she'd been picking  The California Dreamin' Gurl up off the floor, and each time offering to trade places with her for the night. But at California Dreamin's insistence she was put back on the top bunk each time.

The third time proved to be a charm and everyone stayed in their assigned bed the rest of the night.

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