Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Tossing aside tradition The Chick drove down on the 16th of December and the three of us were off to North Dakota for Christmas. 

We were happy to see our grandkiddos and they happily made some delicious Christmas cookies.
Our little Charlotte Ivy has grown into a beautiful kitty who has the good sense to stop and smell the roses!
We were able to attend Sadie Lou Who's Christmas concert.
(a sad photo taken on my iphone
The Tiger had been saying he was getting a computer for Christmas from Santa since Thanksgiving.  A little elf had told me a computer was not in the Tiger's future.

So early one morning a few days before going to see Santa I asked him about the wish list he'd made for his visit to Santa. I was prepared to burst The Tiger's bubble and figured it was better six days before Christmas than on Christmas morning.

A shocked look appeared on his face and The Tiger quickly told me the elves in the workshop where busy making computers at that very moment! Well, I went into quick thinking mode and told The Tiger, no Santa and his elves in fact did not make everything and electronics were one of the items being outsourced, The Tiger was just going to have to think of something else to ask for this year. He thought a moment and then said to me there wasn't anything else, he had everything!

Sadie Lou Who jumped in trying to help out. She asked what about the DS Game ----. To this suggestion The Tiger responded, "Why would I use up a good Santa gift for a $23.00 DS Game I could buy myself?"

OH, my goodness!

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