Monday, November 24, 2014

Griz/Bobcat Game 2014

Every year we look forward to the big rivalry game between the Griz and Bobcat teams.
Each team switches hosting the game, this year it was at Washington Grizzly Stadium. It is always scheduled as the last game regular of the season and so we can expect cold weather, this year was no different. Rain was predicted at kickoff turning to snow before game's end.  We arrived prepared:
The people in our section, the infamous N-Zone, have gotten to know each other over the years. We worry about missing fellow fans that usually sit around us (new babies or surgeries perhaps??) and are often asked about our latest trip up from Billings. This week as we settled into the stands for pre-game chatter, one of our oldest Griz buddies handed Hubby a piece of paper with his phone number and said he'd heard the passes were going to get hammered with snow, possibly closing by the game's end. He added that all the motels in the area were full so if we wanted to stay the night at his house we would be more than welcome. We were touched by his caring and kindness but THAT'S how the Griz Nation rolls!

We enjoyed a great game, Griz 34 - Bobcats 7. Although it was cold we were able to beat the snow and arrive at our planned destination without incident. Now on to the post conference quarter finals next weekend!

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