Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ditching the family

Thanksgiving and the Griz/Bobcat annual game happen about the same time each year.  The NorDak Family came the weekend before Thanksgiving, and we were at the football game when they walked into the house, The Tiger declared they had been "ditched"!

I hope he felt we made up for it before they left today!

It was a busy week. The family met our kitty Denali for the first time and fell in love. It took several days for her to come around. She travels with us and was visiting her "kitty cousin" while we were at the game. She helped with her first Christmas tree...
But once we got home Denali went into hiding for a day and a half under the covers of our bed - evidently on overload after a trip, the kitty cousin, and four new bodies at the house! Then all of a sudden she came out and jumped into the mix!  Later in the evening the tables turned and kitty cousin came through the door to visit Denali in her world!

We played our favorite game, Ticket To Ride!, and discovered a "new" old game Spoons. The kiddos worked on missed schoolwork some afternoons. The grownup gals went Black Friday Shopping - thanks to them for pushing me out out door thus continuing our tradition and getting most of my Christmas Shopping done!! We all got a chuckle when Sadie played basketball with the kitten.
 The Tiger and Sadie Lou Who decorated a gingerbread house.
 AND Gram's favorite... decorated the Christmas Tree!
What a fun visit, Thank you family for coming!

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