Friday, November 7, 2014

A quick trip to California

Friday, instead of Trick or Treating I hopped on my broom and flew down to California for a visit with the California Dreamin' Family! It was so much fun to see the family and catch up on what has been keeping them busy.

First, we just had to go see Bake Sale Betty. She was busy behind the scenes at the bakery but Gabriel managed squeeze in a quick fan photo for me...
The pirate has been busy creating a board game based on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (a current favorite novel series of his). We played several rounds critiquing his game and I was proud how he carefully listened to the advice and went back to the drawing board to improve his creation. By the time I left the game was ready to be ordered online.
We woke early Sunday morning and went to the Flea market. I found dickered on a piano stool. I had thought it was for the NorDak family but quickly realized the California Dreamin' Family loved it and so left it for them to enjoy.
We then hopped into the car and drove to the Napa Valley where we once again enjoyed Calistoga Hot Springs Resort. Many changes have taken place in just the few years since I was there last.  Although there is room for many more occupants the activities spred throughout the facilities allow the pool to never feel crowded.
 We all enjoyed playing a game of Boule and returning for another dip in the pool.
Bri and I had our first mud baths and although we had a blast there are no photos as we were in our birthday suits at the time!  Would I take a mud bath again? In an instant! We left feeling relaxed and hmm, so CLEAN!
 Relaxing outside our bungalow with a glass of wine, we were in Napa Valley!
After a tough day at the pool and spa it was time to kick back, and relax in our brand new bungalow. The pirate took to it in stride like the star he is...
Our visit to Trader Joe's led to a little silliness...
On my last day in California we went for a hike in the Oakland Hills where there was a giant fire in 1991. It was and interesting walk. We could see the new McMansions, replacing the burned homes, mixed in with the old homes that existed before the fire.
 Thank you family for such wonderful time and great company.

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