Friday, October 17, 2014

Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge

Years ago Hubby and I visited the Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge in the early fall. It has been on my list of things to revisit ever since. The bugs are hellacious but the scenery and elk make it well worth the visit.

During the day we sat in the sun enjoying the view along the Missouri River, listening to the invisible elk stomping through the willows, hitting trees and bugling as they went. Just before sunset they began to wonder out into the meadow and the show began. This visit the willows had noticeably begun to fill in the meadow but there was still room for quite a show. Bulls ran from one cow to another trying to keep their harem safe and away from other bulls. An occasional fight would break out but usually the smaller of the bulls would slowly wander off choosing not to expel to much energy.
On our first visit years ago, we left at sunset for the two hour drive home but this time we stayed in our little home away from home and there was a surprise in store for us at dawn... we had the same show but in reverse. The elk came down the hillside and went into the willows for the day.
For a wildlife enthusiast this trip is a must and now that we have our little the home away from home, I hope to make this a yearly visit.

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